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COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information

Bluffton SC Italian Restaurant Covid 19 Protocols

We are limiting entry to the restaurant

  • No one with a fever or persistent cough will  be  permitted  in the restaurant.
  • No one is allowed to enter if they have shortness of breath or generally unwell.
  • Everyone must maintain a minimum of 6-foot distance.
  • Everyone must sneeze or cough into a cloth or tissue.
  • No one is allowed to shake hands or engage in any unnecessary physical contact.
  • No suppliers or vendors should enter if they have a fever or persistent cough.

We have a commitment to staff safety training

  • We are going above & beyond to provide safe food and a safe, enjoyable dining experience.
  • We are committed to customer safety.
Bluffton SC Italian Restaurant Covid 19 Protocols

Ready for dine in cleaning and sanitizing protocol

Restaurant Dining Room Focus:

  • We have a checklist of all back of house & front of house surfaces the staff & customers will come in contact with that will be cleaned hourly.
  • One person per shift will be in charge of safety & sanitation during the shift, observing & ensuring that hand washing is done appropriately and sanitation of dining room areas,restrooms,lobbies and areas is done hourly.
  • We have hand sanitizer, tissues, and a trash can for visitors at the main entrance.
  • We are sanitizing solutions to clean tables, chairs, and check presenters after each seating. We are cleaning and sanitizing salt and pepper all condiments. We are sanitizing menus after each use.
  • We are sanitizing all doorknobs and other frequently touched surfaces as much as possible between newly arriving parties with approved sanitizing solution.
  • Cleaning supplies are single use or laundered between uses.
  • Tables are spaced at least six feet apart. We are utilizing outdoor seating as much as possible between newly arriving parties with approved sanitizing solutions.
  • We have reduced seating in dining rooms to the appropriate level based on square footage and layout of the dining room.
  • We are allowing not more than eight customers at a table during Phase 2 of the reopening of our restaurants.
  • We are asking diners to wait for tables outdoors using social distancing regulations rather than congregating in the dining room. We will text guests when their table is available.
  • We have sanitation checklists for restrooms and other public areas.
  • During routine business hours, we are frequently & thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting all frequently touched objects within the dining and customer areas (doorknobs, cabinet handles, handrails, light switches, kitchen counters, dining room tables).
  • The entire restaurant is deep cleaned and disinfected during nonoperational hours seven times per week.
  • We are not placing utensils on the table until patrons are seated.
  • We are maintaining a 6′ distance between guests at the bar to allow people to order drinks at the bar and sit using appropriate social distancing.

Food Safety Focus

  • Place settings, utensils, menus, and condiments will be cleaned and disinfected after use.
  • We will continue to clean and sanitize food preparation surfaces in the kitchen and other food storage areas at the frequency required.
  • We will have sanitizer or other disinfectant readily available to all guests & employees.
  • We will thoroughly disinfect the table, chair/booth,utensils,glass & surface the guest has contained.
  • Staff will wear disposable gloves when cleaning & disinfecting Gloves will be discarded after cleaning and disinfecting is completed. We will ensure that staff properly wash their hands immediately after gloves are removed.

Employee Safety Focus

  • Each employee will pass a health check or health survey prior to each shift.
  • Heightened hygiene practices including peer observation and supervisor oversight to ensure staff are washing hands frequently and correctly, gloves may be used and must be changed properly, and that staff avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth.
  • We will have constant interaction (before each shift) with staff on their health status and the health of anyone with whom they may be close contact (family members, roommates, etc).
  • We will immediately exclude any staff members including symptoms or that have been diagnosed with COVID- 19 or have been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID -19.
  • We will ensure staff do NOT share cups and eating utensils with others.
  • If possible, all employees handling food should wear gloves and masks during Phase Two. This is not just for the safety of our guests, but also for the psychological sense of safety.
  • Employees will be allowed to wear gloves and masks if they so desire, even in front of the house positions and in the restaurant environments when a six-foot social distancing area in the kitchen and front counter area would be difficult to maintain. Employees in full service dining rooms will be given the option but are encouraged to wear masks and gloves.

Customer Safety Focus:

  • There must be times when we will need to expedite a guest’s exit from the restaurant.
  • We are prepared to  put guests in touch  with  medical

Customer Responsibilities:

  • If you have been exposed to COVID-19 or have symptoms  of  COVID-19 including  fever,cough or shortness  of  breath ,please  help us keep everyone safe by using contactless curbside  delivery systems.
  • If you have underlying health conditions  that  make you a more vulnerable  patron,please  use contactless curbside  delivery systems.