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Our Story

Our Story

Nonna Rosa Bluffton SC Italian Restaurant began many years ago,in a small town called Pozzuoli, located on the southern coast of Italy.

In this town, like many other small towns, recipes that are most loved by everyone are passed down through the generations, with each new generation adding their unique techniques and variations. This passing down of recipes is how Chef Peppe learned his craft from his grandmother, Nonna Rosa, as a child. Many of his best-loved memories are of his grandmother, watching her create his favorite dishes in her small cucina, sharing good times and her love of cooking.

Italians are quite passionate, but differences of opinion in the family take a back seat when meals are served. Everyone comes together for quality family time, good food and good wine!

We at Nonna Rosa welcome you to our Bluffton SC Italian Restaurant to enjoy authentic Italian food in a family atmosphere, the way Nonna Rosa would have done years ago in Pozzuoli, Italy! As they say in Napoli, “L’appetito vien mangiando la sete se ne va bevendo!” (the appetite comes with eating the thirst goes away with drinking)

Buon Appetito!

Peppe Gialone
(Owner Bluffton SC Italian Restaurant) (Owner and Executive Chef)