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5 Tips For Eating Healthy In An Italian Restaurant

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5 Tips For Eating Healthy In An Italian Restaurant

The Best Italian Restaurant Menu In Bluffton, SC

Traditional Italian cuisine is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. Unfortunately, some Italian restaurants forgo their cultural heritage and instead serve up huge slices of pizza with a one-inch-thick coating of mozzarella cheese and large plates of overcooked spaghetti and noodles drowned in butter cheese and cream sauces.  As a result, you should always avoid calorie bombs the next time you visit an Italian restaurant.

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Tips For Healthy Eating In An Italian Restaurant

Here are some healthy food choices to keep in mind when you are perusing the restaurant menu.

1. Start With A Light Soup (Pasta)

To avoid taking many calories, you should skip cream-based soups and go for the ones made from natural broth, e.g., Pasta Fagioli is usually made with a light chicken or tomato-based broth and minestrone. A small bowl of this soup filled with beans or vegetables will take the edge off your hunger quickly while ensuring you eat healthy and delicious Italian cuisine.

2. Go For A Caesar Salad As A Starter

Authentic Italian restaurants use anchovies in dressing with whole fillets on the salad. These are some of the best sources of healthy omega-3 fats. You can also ask for the dressings on the side to not use them when dressing your salad to limit the calories you ingest. 

3. Choose Red Pasta Sauces (Marinara And Vegetable Sauces)

Red sauces are better for your health compared to white cream or butter-based sauces.  You should always ask your waiter to give you their opinion on the pasta sauce if you are not sure. Also, many restaurant menus have sections or symbols designated for lighter choices.

4. Order Fruit As A Dessert

Ordering fruit for dessert is true to Italian culture – it’s tradition to end a meal with a light fruit dish. Also, having fruit for dessert is much healthier than cheesecake or ice cream, typical in many Italian restaurant menus. Those options have a lot of sugar content, and a high sugar accumulation might result in some health issues. 

5. Have Water Or A Glass Of Wine

Wine can have health benefits as long as you have just one glass. Skip the bottle to help you keep track of how much wine you have had. If you can’t order one glass of wine, another option is to skip wine entirely and take water to lower your calorie intake.

The Best Italian Restaurant In Bluffton, SC

Italian food can be an excellent cuisine if you eat light and be smart about ordering.  Ordering a healthy meal at Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant is not difficult because it has the Best Italian restaurant menu in Bluffton, SC, with an abundance of healthy ingredients like tomatoes, olive oil, and herbs. 

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