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Tips For Pairing Wine With Italian Food

award-winning Italian Restaurant in Okatie SC

Tips For Pairing Wine With Italian Food

Italian Restaurant In Okatie, SC

An Italian meal is not complete without wine. A glass of wine accompanies every recipe. As a result, you need to know how to choose the right type of wine to pair with your dish. However, unless you are a master sommelier, it won’t be an easy task. When selecting a wine, it is essential to choose quality wine to best bring the meal’s flavor.

Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant, an award-winning Italian Restaurant in Okatie, SC, has an impressive wine menu to go with our mouthwatering dishes. 

Tips For Pairing Wine With Italian Food 

Below are some essential tips to help you choose an excellent wine to pair with your favorite Italian dish.

1. Red Wines And Meat

Italian Restaurant In Okatie, SC
Italian Restaurant In Okatie, SC

Red wines are known to pair with meats. However, there are certain exemptions. They are an excellent pairing for light cheeses that are fresh and not overly flavored. Below are detailed pairing tips.

  • Italian Chianti
    It is a robust red wine ideal for pairing with a bold well-seasoned sauce. It is because sweet goes with sweet and bold goes with bold. It is also a perfect pairing for oil-based sauce and tomato-based sauce, cheese dishes, and a light salad. Chianti paired with beef is an excellent pairing because it lightens the palette.
  • Pinot Noir
    Pinot Noir is a light red wine with tasty, earthy flavors and vanilla accents. It can pair with almost all light Italian dishes. If you are having a classic pesto dish or bread, it is the best choice for you. 
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
    This wine comes from a grape called cabernet sauvignon, hence the name. It has a rich black currant flavor, sometimes including mint and blackberry undertones—this wine best pairs with tomato-based sauces.

2. Spicy And Acidic Dishes

It is one of the most classic Italian dishes to pair. The tomato-based sauce requires a wine that creates balance, such as white wine, with a reasonable acidity level.  But if the container has tomatoes, it becomes sweeter and changes the pairing. Dishes with a lot of spices require a critical sugar residue to provide balance. As a result, the perfect wines to pair with spicy dishes are Primitivo and Amarone.

3. White Wines And Seafood

White wine pairs with seafood and, generally, white meat. However, just as red wines, some flavorful fish dishes pair well with red wines.

  • Chardonnay
    This wine can be semi-sour, bold, or light. It best pairs with any creamy Italian dish and lighter meat, such as seafood or chicken. It has a pleasant flavor that won’t overwhelm your taste buds.
  •  Pinot Gris
    It is a fruity wine that is a perfect pairing for seafood dishes.  It brings out the creamy opulence of crab, oyster, and lobster. It is also a great pairing with a light buttery sauce and cheeses.

The Best Italian Restaurant In Okatie, SC

Wine and Italian food go hand in hand. The wine you choose will improve the flavor of your meal. Dine with us at Nonna Rosa an Award-winning Italian Restaurant in Okatie SC enjoy our lovely wine list. Don’t be left out; taste the world! Discover a fabulous food experience with us!

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