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Italian Restaurant Guide: 20 Common Italian Menu Terms and Their Meaning

Award-Winning Best Italian Restaurant In Okatie SC

Italian Restaurant Guide: 20 Common Italian Menu Terms and Their Meaning

Award-Winning Best Italian Restaurant In Okatie, SC

Have you ever been handed a menu in an Italian restaurant and just didn’t know what to order because you couldn’t understand anything? We know the struggle. It helps if the menu has pictures on the side, but what if it doesn’t? Here is a quick rundown of common Italian restaurant words and phrases to help you decipher the menu and choose a dish you’ll surely love.

With authentic Italian recipes passed down from generation to generation, Nonna Rosa is one of the best genuine Italian restaurants in Okatie, SC. Our award-winning chef from Naples, Italy, our well-trained staff , Award-Winning Best Italian Restaurant In Okatie SC and our delicious dishes will surely give you the ultimate Italian experience.

20 Common Words In Italian Menus

When visiting an Italian restaurant, don’t waste the opportunity to taste authentic Italian cuisines by just picking a random dish! Learn these common Italian words found in Italian menus and be a pro the next time you order.

  1. Al Dente
    A manner of cooking where food, typically pasta, is firm when bitten.
  1. Antipasto
    An Italian appetizer typically consisting of mixed meats, cheese, olives, etc.
  1. Bruschetta
    An antipasto consisting of grilled bread rubbed with garlic, drizzled with olive oil and salt, and topped with tomatoes, meat, vegetables, etc.
  1. Cena
    Translates to dinner. A typical Italian dinner is social and light.
  1. Colazione
    Italian breakfast. Usually light and simple such as a pastry and an espresso or cappuccino.
  1. Cozze
    Italian word for “mussels”
  1. Dolci
    Roughly translates to confectionery or desserts
  1. Focaccia
    Flat oven-baked bread similar in style and texture to pizza dough and is usually used as a side in many Italian dishes
  1. Formaggio
    Cheese. There are many types of cheese in Italy. Some common ones are mozzarella, parmesan, and ricotta.
  1. Fritto/Fritti
    Simply translates to “fried”
  1. Gnocchi
    Small dumplings made from potato, semolina, ricotta cheese, or flour, and usually served with a sauce.
  1. Insalate
    Directly translates to “salad”
  1. Picatta
    A way of cooking where food is sliced, sautéed, and served in lemon sauce.
  1.  Pollo
    Italian for “chicken”
  1. Pranzo
    Italian for lunch. Usually pasta, meat, and a side of vegetables.
  1. Ravioli
    A pasta formed into little cases of dough containing a savory filling such as meat, cheese, or vegetables.
  1. Risotto

Savory rice cooked with stock or wine and other ingredients such as meats and vegetables

  1. Tiramisu
    It literally means “pick me up” in Italian. A layer of espresso-soaked ladyfingers and sweetened mascarpone cheese.
  1. Vino
    Directly translates to “wine”
  1.  Zuppa
    Italian word for “soup”

People Also Ask

What food can I order for delivery?

Our delivery menu includes all courses, from antipasti, pasta, soup, and many more. Check out the Nonna Rosa website for our full delivery menu!

Are you open during weekends?

We are open for carryout, seven days a week, from 4 pm to 10 pm. Contact us for orders now

Do you have special menus?

We have special menus for vegetarians as well as gluten-free dishes. Contact us for more details on how to order.

 Best Local Italian Restaurant In Okatie, SC

Getting familiar with common Italian words found on their restaurant menus can be a great help whenever you are visiting an authentic Italian restaurant where most of the items are in Italian. Bonus points as well because you’ll not only get to choose a dish that you actually want, but you get to also immerse in different languages and cultures.

Here at Nonna Rosa an Award-Winning Best Italian Restaurant In Okatie SC, each dish is made not only with the best and freshest ingredients, but it is also made with utmost passion and devotion to bring you the most authentic and most delicious Italian cuisines. At Nonna Rosa, get a taste of Italy in every bite! 

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