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Excuisite Wine Dinner Offerings at Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant

Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant Wine Dinner Offerings

Excuisite Wine Dinner Offerings at Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant

Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant Wine Dinner Offerings

What about enjoying your favorite wine while watching a live performance by Bobby Rayder? Well, that is what will be happening at Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant on March 22, 2021. You will get to enjoy all these at the cost of $69 per person only. Chef Peppe will be on the ground offering delicious meals like Zuppa Di lenticchie laced with Grillo and Carlo Pellegrino wine. All are welcomed for this great event only at Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant, an exquisite Italian Restaurant

Authentic Italian Cuisine With Live Performance

Here is what we will offer on the menu during this special occasion:

1. Appetizer

To gain appetite, we first go for Zuppa Di Lenticchie, lentil soup with meat, vegetable broth, and some diced bacon that is a wholesomely delicious and very healthy start. Pair this with Carlo Pellegrino wine, which is smooth and flavored. For those who like white wine, Grillo white grapes fortified with Marsala wines bring out a fresh taste and are light to drink. It comes in lemon and apple fruit flavors.

2. Entree

A delightful Nonna Rosa wine dinner leads with the Fillet Mignon, tender beef cut from significant tender muscles on the cow. Along with the entrée, we offer various Puglia wines that are very fruity and sapid fresh. Masca del Tacco makes a well-balanced and mouth-filling deep red wine. The aromatic herbs blended into the wine make it a favorite for couples. 

3. Pasta

Pasta Alla Boscaiola is one of the traditional Italian recipes made with sausage and mushrooms. The dish, which takes only thirty minutes to prepare, is very suitable for cold seasons every year. It is a hearty-flavored dish that guarantees a superb dinner. Also, boscaiola recipes are made with pancetta and red sauce to bring that beautiful flavor and color. Chef Peppe makes a cuisine pasta by blending a creamy white sauce and mushrooms; the taste combines well with Italian sausages.

4. Dessert

The Struffoli consisting of deep-fried dough balls that are soaked in honey, fruits, and nuts, comes as a great addition to the grand meal. The dinner is later on topped by Moscato di Sicilia, a sweet, bright, and delicate fruit wine giving a lingering finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chefs and sommeliers created food and wine pairings to help enhance the flavor of the dish and the wine as well. It gives the customers a great overall dining experience.

Italian food is better with Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Chianti, and Zinfandel, to name a few.

When pairing food and wine, you must make sure that the wine is sweeter and more acidic than the meal. Red wine is best paired with flavorful meats, while white wines go with light-flavored meats.

The Best Italian Restaurant In Bluffton, SC

Bluffton Italian Restaurant Dinner Menu Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant is one of the best restaurants that provide perfect Italian cuisines. Chef Pepe Gialone, for years at the helm of the restaurant, is known to blend suitable cuisines with exotic wines like Impero Wine Distributors. We provide a beautiful ambiance for any occasion, for couples and family gatherings. Whether you are joining us for the wine dinner with friends or family, we ensure that you will love our authentic Italian food and wine selection.

With a rich assortment of professionally-prepared Italian food and wine, we guarantee you a unique dining experience! Reservations are available now, so don’t forget to reserve a table while you still can.

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