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Great Christmas Offerings from Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant

Christmas Offerings from Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant

Great Christmas Offerings from Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant

Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant Christmas Offerings

There is nothing like an Italian Christmas! Sure, this may not be very objective, but Christmas is one of Italy’s most anticipated and celebrated holidays. It is the best time to enjoy some exquisite Italian cuisine with your friends and family. For this reason, we at Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant in Bluffton SC want to pass this great tradition and offer you some of the cherished Italian cuisines so that you can be merry and spread the holiday cheer with your friends and family. 

Authentic Italian Cuisine Offerings 

Below is a breakdown of our special Christmas offerings that will surely leave you wanting more.

1. Christmas Eve Special Menu

Traditionally, Christmas Eve dinner in Italy is lighter with a wide variety of seafood, saving the more decadent meal for the following day. At Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant, however, we have the Feast of the Seven Fishes, an Italian-American Christmas Eve tradition.

It is a four-course dinner with famous Italian classic fish and seafood dishes. Our salmon carpaccio is a perfect start to a great feast ahead as our first course. It follows a second course comprising a seafood salad, which adds more of Italy’s favorite seafood picks to your festivities. Our third course includes salted cod, known as baccala, trout, and swordfish. Our fourth course, Lobster Fra Diavolo, will leave your mouth craving for more. To finish off the feast, we have a light but tasty dessert of Sfogliatelle and Limoncello. 

Dine with us on December 24th to enjoy a classic Christmas Eve special with your family at just $75 per person.

2. Holiday Season Coupons

We have also dished out holiday season coupons so you can eat more and spend less! You can enjoy a 2-dinner treat with your choice of either spaghetti polpette, manicotti, spaghetti bolognese, or chicken, along with two salads and two cannolis on Monday and Tuesday for $39. On Wednesday and Thursday, you have a choice of two pasta dishes or entrees, along with two salads and two cannolis for $44. For the weekend, you can select any pasta plus a salad and cannoli for $22.

This special offer is available until December 31st only.

The Best Italian Restaurant In Bluffton, SC

Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant has been awarded the best Italian Restaurant in Bluffton, SC. Chef Pepe Gialone, the owner and executive chef, has likewise been awarded as the best chef.

We provide the perfect environment for you to enjoy the festivities with the best Italian food. Whether you are joining us for a pre-Christmas gathering with friends and family or grabbing a bite after some Christmas shopping, we ensure that you will love our authentic Italian food and wine selection.

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