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The Authentic Italian Menu Structure

Bluffton Italian Restaurant Dinner Menu

The Authentic Italian Menu Structure

Bluffton Italian Restaurant Dinner Menu

Italy is a dream destination for many travelers around the world. However, jetting off to Italy for dinner is not reasonable. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy Italian cuisine and ambiance in your favorite Italian restaurant.

Are you looking to have a lovely Italian dinner in Bluffton, SC? Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant ensures that you will have a wonderful dining experience. Our menu has a wide variety of sumptuous dishes to choose from that will surely satisfy your palate. 

The Italian Dinner Menu 

Understanding how Italians traditionally eat will help you get the most out of your dinner. Traditional Italian restaurant dinner menus have five sections. A full meal consists of an appetizer, first course, and a second course with a side dish. It is not a must that you order from every set. Usually, most people call at least two. 

Here are some of the different sections of an Italian restaurant menu and what food to expect under each section.

Italian Restaurant Dinner Menu In Bluffton SC

1. Antipasti 

It is similar to an appetizer. The dish means ‘before a meal.’ Most dinner menus offer various cured meats and cheese, bruschetta (toasted bread with toppings such as tomatoes), and fried vegetables and olives for antipasti. Sometimes you can order antipasto misto and get a variety of seasonal and traditional Italian dishes. It is usually fun, and you will get more food for a much lower price. 

2. Primi

Primi is generally first-course dishes. This section usually includes pasta, soup, or risotto (creamy rice). The pasta comes in different pasta choices, varying shapes, sizes, textures, and sauces. Italian pasta choices have less sauce than American food, so that should help you differentiate between authentic traditional Italian meals from the others. 

3. Second Or Main Course

The second-course dish for most restaurant menus consists of pollo (chicken), Manzo (beef), arrosto (roast), gamberi (shrimp), or Frutti di mare (mixed shellfish). It is usually the most expensive part of the menu and does not include any potato or vegetable.  However, sometimes this section has one or two vegetarian dishes, but you can always ask for a vegetarian dish if it is not on the menu.

4. Contorni – Side Dishes

Order your side dish with your main course. Popular contorni include Verdura (vegetables), potato, or Insalata (salad). Most people always prefer to order a salad instead of the meat course.

5. Dolci – Dessert

At the end of a great Italian dinner, they serve a dolci. There are several choices from cakes, pies, cannoli, cheese plates, and tiramisu. After the dessert, they will offer you coffee or a digestive.

The Best Italian Restaurant In Bluffton, SC

Italian cuisine is not only unique and compelling but also one of the most popular foods worldwide. At Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant, we have the best Bluffton Italian restaurant dinner menu with all your favorite dishes. Dine with us for a traditional Italian experience!

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